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Medical Design is involved in numerous medium-scale and large-scale projects like hospital site development projects. We are backed by our extensive experience and a wide range of marketing services and visual solutions. All this is possible thanks to our clients and partners’ trust.

Gather and increase your number of patientS
We understand the different between a Website dedicated to business purposes and one dedicated to the medical industry. It is essential to understand these differences in order to target the user needs.
Doctors and nurses

We will work closely with you from the planning stages until the launching of your site. To achieve the project’s goals we will use the adequate personnel to the task in hand in an effort to prevent any kind of mismatch between concept and production.

CMS for Hospital Websites

In order to keep a Website alive, a timeless design is key. Starting at a basic cost we can provide renovations for your Website, with external content applying specialized CMS.

Total support

Together with the use of imported written content from other media, we offer support to any type of design, poster, brochure, etc. We also offer branding support.

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