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Together with the development of your Website, we offer the development of systems depending on your needs. From server development, community sites, on-line payment, streaming, animation and video. We carefully listen to your requirements and provide you with a tailored proposition to cover your needs.

We offer you the best system based on strategy

Is not only developing the system, is revealing the needs.

The digital industry is rapidly evolving and at the same rate our clients’ needs are more diverse. Based on this fact, we do not only offer you our design skills, we focus on the core of your business to provide you with the required support. In Medical Design we spend a great deal of time to listen to our clients to understand their businesses and create a flexible project to cover every aspect required.

Goal oriented system development

  • CMS

    Planning production and usability of your medical industry specialized Website.

  • On-line shop

    From ‘shopping cart’ development to inventory, product and user management.

  • Portals

    System development for portal management and sharing information.

  • Community sites

    Development of the site with PR goals, branding, etc. SNS interaction.

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