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Personal information protection policy

In medical design we treat our clients' personal information with great care and accordingly we have developed the plan discussed below.

  1. Our company、will protect and handle your private information according to the law being our obligation and duty to protect your personal information and all things disclosed to us.
  2. Our company will adquire permission from the person in charge prior to the use of your personal information、and will always be handled as directed by the law.
  3. Our company will always require permission from the person in charge, and in required cases will require a written permission upon being contacted.
  4. Our company will only use your information for relevant purposes within the scope of our work, always taking pertinent measures to assure its protection.
  5. We acknowledge the use of the information only when pertinent, commiting to never share it with a third party.
  6. In the case where a correction, revision or disclosure is required, we will require the client'S permision before proceeding. Once the confirmation in received we will proceed with our duties in the pertinently. We wil not disclose your information in any of the following cases.
    (1)If the person in charge or relevant third party's existence, integrity or property is in danger.
    (2)If for the convenience of Medical Design the disclosure of information is required.
    (3)In the case of other violations of the law.