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Compilation of the most frequent questions received by our company

About Medical Design

Q: What differentiates Medical Design from similar companies?

A. Medical Design is specialized in the medical industry. We have successfully completed numerous projects of diverse scale with clients like general hospitals. Thanks to our established network in the medical industry we are able to offer our services inside the industry. In contrast with other companies that work in similar fields, we do not use any templates from previous works but always create original high quality work, loaded of its own identity and tailored to our clients’ needs for that specific project.

Working closely with our clients and carefully listening to what they have to say, we are able to produce highly effective work.


Q.Have you worked on Websites not related to the medical industry?

A: Yes.

Our business model is based on the medical industry, nursery and consumer goods, but we specialize on the medical industry due to our deep network system established in that field.



About our work


This is the first time I hire this kind of job…
A. Our employees will kindly work with you independently from your knowledge or experience in the subject.
For more details please check our Workflow page.

We can also prepare a high quality Plan for smaller projects.

Q.How does the pricing work?

A.After a first meeting we will provide you with a quotation.
You can see our Pricing page where our Pricing criteria is explained.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question.


Q.What should I prepare beforehand?

A.It is important to have an understanding of the organization of the project and prepare the content and materials to be used. For poster, brochure and catalog development it is important that you provide us with the written material to be used.

If this material preparation is too complicated, do not hesitate in asking us for assistance. We can also provide you with animation, photography and text writing services.
Q.Is the budget final?

A.It will be strictly respected after the planning is settled. For more flexible plans do not hesitate in consulting with us.

Q.How are the deadlines decided?

A. Deadlines are normaly decided together with the cuotation. If you need a specific date for the project to be completed, please consult it at the time of the meeting in orther to create an appropriate plan.

Q.How much earlier can I ask for a quotation?

A.You can contact us by email or phone in order to get further details on pricing and other questions.


About server and domain

Q.What should I do about the server?

A.If you are already using a server we can make use of it. Nevertheless, sometimes we recommend using our server if the project requires it.

Q.Does my company own and manage the domain?

A.The domain management is in your company’s hands together with renovation obligations. For further details please contact us.


About Rakuten and On-line shop

Q.Can I create an on-line shop?

A.We offer planning, development and management of the on-line shop. You can also request a half or full order of the system.

Please check our Production and management of the On-line shop page,
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